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Rowine Conley
Old time, new time, Rhythm and rhyme Dance! Take a chance Cha cha cha Come on in Everybody spin Cha cha cha (Musical interlude) Get on your pony ...Rate it

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Conrad Trudelle
I long to touch you to hold you and dance To the music you caused to rise within my soul But I stand at a distance and watch, Afra...Rate it

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Nikhil Parekh
The foliage of leaves embossed on the maple tree; danced to turbulent currents of air, The intricate hands of timepiece; danced coherently with ...Rate it

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N. David Bisson
Years of ballet as a child She walks on toes pointed out Soft as snow steps. Costumes now hang In a closet. Bright lights Boardrooms, no men In ti...Rate it

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dance the last dance
Alan Green 'Guppyman'
we should look after the world as best we can the responsisbility of everyone stop polluting the world you know that we must god gave us the earth...Rate it

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Dance, muhammad ali, dance
Muhammad Naveed Ahmed
Glide like a butterfly, sting like a bee, The world shant forget you Muhammad Ali, Thirty one years since you met Smokin' Joe, In less than five ye...Rate it

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The People Dance
Luis Enrique Jimenez Jr.
Unlike the swift motions, one might make on the stage- the people dance, quickly- like the turn of a page. A scene that is not dark, our streets ...Rate it

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Saša Milivojev
A circle of fairies enraptured When a soul dreamed the word I was drawn by a fairy’s hair Infinity smells like her In my yearning I was lost The ci...Rate it

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The Cockroach Dance
Meshack Bwoyele Keya
1. The dance is not like other dances It is done by roaches at night I marvel at their fancy dresses They resemble men in coats so bright ...Rate it

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The Potatoes' Dance
Vachel Lindsay
(A Poem Game.) I "Down cellar," said the cricket, "Down cellar," said the cricket, "Down cellar," said the cricket, "I saw a ball last night, In ...Rate it

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Those Who Do Not Dance
Gabriela Mistral
A crippled child Said, “How shall I dance?” Let your heart dance We said. Then the invalid said: “How shall I sing?” Let your heart sing We said ...Rate it

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"in Kaylas rehearsal dance of the tree in the wind"
Steven Louis Chapman
I read uneasy to befriend, undo with the love into bland, undo to reach the riches in you, undo under which I believe to do, all the riches of the ...Rate it

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A Dance
Bill Kurple
Shall we dance you and I? The music is delicious The song seems without end Shall we – as I attempted to be gracious We swirled and laughed As the...Rate it

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A Dance In Luxury Cotton
Nikhil Parekh
The day was astonishingly bright and Sunny, brilliant Sunshine kissed bare bricks of the multi-storied edifice, puffs of white clouds were a meag...Rate it

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A dance of romance.
Maria Shaw
Swirling and twirling as though in a trance a seductive glance gone in a flash teasing, arousing, holding me prisoner under your spell I completely...Rate it

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A Poet's Dance
Donna D Gorenflo
Trapped in a circle where freedom seems to hide I whisper to the little voice that hears. Sweet is the sound that barely seems alive and, fragile a...Rate it

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Basket Dance
Amy Lowell
Dance! Dance! The priest is yellow with sunflower meal, He is yellow with corn-meal, He is yellow as the sun. Dance! Dance! His little bells...Rate it

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But in the Wine-presses the Human Grapes Sing not nor Dance
William Blake
But in the Wine-presses the human grapes sing not nor dance: They howl and writhe in shoals of torment, in fierce flames consuming, In cha...Rate it

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Butterflies fire dance
malenky malenky
From deep inside fire I feel, it comes like a thunder, wondering if there is more to come, burning me all the time but from ashes I rise, I cannot...Rate it

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Canteenia Dance
Robert Andrews
Elegant weave, tiny footstep tapestry. Soft tattoo of music background dancing Love.. R Andrews 10 29 14Rate it

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Dance - Part 2
Nikhil Parekh
Dance. And you'll uninhibitedly release even the most infinitesimal iota of mercilessly trapped frustration; disdainfully entrapped in your bones. ...Rate it

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Dance A Baby
Walter Crane
Dance a baby diddy! What can mammy do wid'e? Sit in her lap, Give it some pap, And dance a baby diddy!Rate it

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Dance and sing and all those things
(D)Dyrotha Todd
I to have a need to dance sing and do all things through jesus christ our king .....Yes even ring my tambarine. The joys of life and all it brings ...Rate it

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Dance Beneath the Silver Appalachian Moon
Robert Southwood
My soul is as old as the mountains of Appalachia And I still believe raising hell like the outlaw Jesse James In this country where the eagle fl...Rate it

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Dance Changes Gear (Haiku)
Nick Adegwe-Oshomah
Dance changes gear When drummers change beats; Audience look on thrilled.Rate it

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