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Cassandra Frates
A murder convenes Before my eyes Blackness swirling Sounds unnerving Reaching out on nimble limbs Branches bend and crack A gathering so ominous...Rate it

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Padraic Colum
THEN, suddenly, I was aware indeed Of what he said, and was revolving it: How, in the night, crows often take to wing, Rising from off the tree-top...Rate it

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The flight of the crows
Emily Pauline Johnson
The autumn afternoon is dying o'er The quiet western valley where I lie Beneath the maples on the river shore, Where tinted leaves, blue water...Rate it

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'Stone the Crows'
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
'Why stone the crows!' 'e sez. 'I like 'er style, But alwiz, some'ow, women 'ave appeared Set fer to 'old me orf a 'arf a mile. I dunno wot's agin...Rate it

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Counting Crows
Kurt Philip Behm
Sometimes money isn’t enough, the wheat rejects the chaff Wealth attained by winnowing gain, the scarecrow only laughs Sometimes money isn’t eno...Rate it

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Sophie M Almon Hensley
They stream across the fading western sky A sable cloud, far o'er the lonely leas; Now parting into scattered companies, Now closing up the broken ...Rate it

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Three Black Crows, The
John Byrom
Two honest tradesmen meeting in the Strand, One took the other briskly by the hand; "Hark-ye," said he, "'tis an odd story, this, About the crows...Rate it

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Two Old Crows
Vachel Lindsay
Two old crows sat on a fence rail. Two old crows sat on a fence rail, Thinking of effect and cause, Of weeds and flowers, And nature's laws. One of...Rate it

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Watching The Crows
Henry Lawson
A bushman got lost in a scrub in the North, And all the long morning the searchers went forth. They swore at the rain that had washed out the track...Rate it

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