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Neither Could Life Stop Death; Neither Could Death Stop Life.
Nikhil Parekh
Neither could rain stop abominably heartless drought whenever it is destined; nor could any drought in anyways put brakes upon bountifully utopian ...Rate it

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I Wish I Could
Ehsan Sehgal
I wish I could be your love I wish I could devote My life for your life My joy for your joy My smile for your smile My dream for your dream I wish ...Rate it

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Pat Severin
It seems so often unprepared we can’t believe it’s true. How could it be, look, this is me, that’s why I come to you... And ask you why has this oc...Rate it

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If I Could Write Words
Spike Milligan
If I could write words Like leaves on an autumn forest floor, What a bonfire my letters would make. If I could speak words of water, You would dro...Rate it

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Because I could not stop for Death (712)
Emily Dickinson
Because I could not stop for Death-- He kindly stopped for me-- The Carriage held but just Ourselves-- And Immortality. We slowly drove--He knew...Rate it

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He could be mine
Kenndra Petrie
His eyes glow like a star in the night, I could stare at them forever. His hair is so perfectly imperfect. I am taken back by how beautiful this b...Rate it

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If Hands Could Free you, Heart
Philip Larkin
If hands could free you, heart, Where would you fly? Far, beyond every part Of earth this running sky Makes desolate? Would you cross City and hill...Rate it

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'Tis little I—could care for Pearls
Emily Dickinson
'Tis little I—could care for Pearls— Who own the ample sea— Or Brooches—when the Emperor— With Rubies—pelteth me— Or Gold—who am the Prince of Min...Rate it

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..AND than I realized I could've been BEAUTIFUL
Life swarmed around me Great expectations adorned me Love~right at my door step confronted me There a handsome gentleman stood Yet, something or so...Rate it

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10 things i wish i could change (more of a list than a poem)
so many things i wish i could change. but it's easy to say what the top ten are- 1. I wish my best was enough for my parents instead of them pushin...Rate it

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A Death More Horrific Than What Death Could Ever Be
Nikhil Parekh
I didn't know whether to plunge into the well of treacherously vindictive scorpions; or whether to hang myself insanely upside down from the cadave...Rate it

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A Person Who Could Not Learn As And When He Is Young! ?
Kanniappan Kanniappan
There is no one who has collected toll charges …after allowing somebody to trespass the pathway; Likewise, no one could collect the charges for th...Rate it

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Ah! Would I Could Forget.
Juliana Horatia Ewing
The whispering water rocks the reeds, And, murmuring softly, laps the weeds; And nurses there the falsest bloom That ever wrought a lover's doom. F...Rate it

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All A Person Could Take Beneath His Grave
Nikhil Parekh
All a person could take beneath his grave; was the perennial love that he'd generated; by compassionately uniting two miserably jilted hearts in th...Rate it

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All I Could Do!
Nikhil Parekh
The hatred in my eyes for her was so hedonistically blazing; that it could veritably and venomously char even the most invincibly unfathomable str...Rate it

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All That I Could Ever Dream Of
Nikhil Parekh
When I lived in the beer bottle; all that I could ever dream of was an ocean of inebriating alcohol; streams of frothy booze putting me to everlast...Rate it

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All That We Could Do
Nikhil Parekh
The color of her impeccably radiant eyes had already formed in the womb; with even the most intricately poignant of their shades having taken irref...Rate it

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Arrows And Stones Could Not Strike Samuel The Lamanite
John Hugo Cullen
The Nephites who believed the words spoken by Samuel the Lamanite, applied unto the prophet, Nephi, wanting baptism with all their might. They were...Rate it

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Before Two Bodies Could Meet.
Nikhil Parekh
Before two eyes could perpetually meet; it was tirelessly indispensable that their majestically unfettered and symbiotically convivial empathy; sho...Rate it

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But I Could Still Love
Nikhil Parekh
I might be living on bare chunks of threadbare soil; with hardly a roof to cover my dilapidated scalp, But I could still perceive infinite kilomet...Rate it

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Could I Be Out Spoken
joey shaw
Words of broken, that should be spoken, Some day I feel like choken from all that was spoken, Is it so dark that everyone blined by the madness' Wh...Rate it

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Could I but leave men wiser by my song
Alfred Austin
Could I but leave men wiser by my song, And somewhat happier in their little day, Wean them from things that lure but to betray, Make the harsh gen...Rate it

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Could I but ride indefinite
Emily Dickinson
Could I but ride indefinite As doth the Meadow Bee And visit only where I liked And No one visit me And flirt all Day with Buttercups And marry wh...Rate it

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Could it Be
Here I am Breaking these precious little things Could it be that.. I Am nothing? I wander alone In these dark lonely woods Could it be that.. I A...Rate it

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Could It Be Love That Has Survived The Test?
Frankie M. Harris
Taking a stroll in the park, Weaving in and out of several cars. Arm and Arm with my third brother, Gazing from one face to another. For a while th...Rate it

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