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A Coast View
William Charles Wentworth
High 'mid the shelves of a grey cliff, that yet Riseth in Babylonian mass above, In a benched cleft, as in the mouldered chair Of grey-beard Tim...Rate it

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A Coast View
Charles Harpur
High ’mid the shelves of a grey cliff, that yet Riseth in Babylonian mass above, In a benched cleft, as in the mouldered chair Of grey-beard Tim...Rate it

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Along This Coast I Led The Vacant Hours
Walter Savage Landor
Along this coast I led the vacant Hours To the lone sunshine on the uneven strand, And nipt the stubborn grass and juicier flowers With one unconsc...Rate it

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Limerick:There was an Old Man of the coast
Edward Lear
There was an Old Man of the coast, Who placidly sat on a post; But when it was cold He relinquished his hold And called for some hot buttered toast...Rate it

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Lines Written Amidst The Ruins Of A Church On The Coast Of Suffolk.
Susanna Moodie
"What hast thou seen in the olden time, Dark ruin, lone and gray?" "Full many a race from thy native clime, And the bright earth, pass away. The or...Rate it

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Lines Written on the Sea-Coast
Mary Darby Robinson
SWIFT o'er the bounding deep the VESSEL glides, Its streamers flutt'ring in the summer gales, The lofty mast the breezy air derides, As gaily o'er ...Rate it

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Memories Of The Pacific Coast
Alfred Noyes
I know a land, I, too, Where warm keen incense on the sea-wind blows, And all the winter long the skies are blue, And the brown deserts blossom wit...Rate it

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My Coast Guard
Martina Marissa Mueller
Semper Paratus is our guide... and I am proud to be a Coastie until the day I die. I joined at 17 with a wavier, not much of a family of my own, yo...Rate it

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Scene 3. A Cliff on the Breton Coast, Overhanging the Sea
Adam Lindsay Gordon
Hugo. Down drops the red sun; through the gloaming They burst-raging waves of the sea, Foaming out their own shame-ever foaming Their leprosy up w...Rate it

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Shells from the Coast mistaking
Emily Dickinson
Shells from the Coast mistaking— I cherished them for All— Happening in After Ages To entertain a Pearl— Wherefore so late—I murmured— My need of ...Rate it

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Sunrise on the Coast
Andrew Barton Paterson
Grey dawn on the sand-hills -- the night wind has drifted All night from the rollers a scent of the sea; With the dawn the grey fog his battalion...Rate it

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The ballad of yaada (a legend of the pacific coast)
Emily Pauline Johnson
There are fires on Lulu Island, and the sky is opalescent With the pearl and purple tinting from the smouldering of peat. And the Dream Hills li...Rate it

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The Coast Of Barbary
Cicely Fox Smith
My lad is on the water and far away from me, And I pray God be good to him wherever he may be, Up the sea and down the sea, And along the coast of ...Rate it

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The Coast-Road
Robinson Jeffers
A horseman high alone as an eagle on the spur of the mountain over Mirmas Canyon draws rein, looks down At the bridge-builders, men, trucks, the po...Rate it

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The Coast: Norfolk
Frances Darwin Cornford
As on the highway's quiet edge He mows the grass beside the hedge, The old man has for company The distant, grey, salt-smelling sea, A poppied fiel...Rate it

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The High Tide on the Coast of Lincolnshire (1571)
Jean Ingelow
The old mayor climbed the belfry tower, The ringers ran by two, by three; 'Pull, if ye never pulled before; Good ringers, pull your best,' quoth...Rate it

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Thubare, a Port on the Arabian Coast
Letitia Elizabeth Landon
THOU lovely port of Araby, Of Araby the blest, I think of the time, when thy summer clime, Was bright on my midnight rest; And the gates uprose, wh...Rate it

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To Sir George Howland Beaumont, Bart From the South-West Coast Or Cumberland 1811
William Wordsworth
FAR from our home by Grasmere's quiet Lake, From the Vale's peace which all her fields partake, Here on the bleakest point of Cumbria's shore We so...Rate it

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