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Robert Browning
I. OUT of the little chapel I burst Into the fresh night air again. I had waited a good five minutes first In the doorway, to escape the rain That ...Rate it

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A Christmas Eve
Victor James Daley
GOOD fellows are laughing and drinking (To-night no heart should grieve), But I am of old days thinking, Alone, on Christmas Eve. Old memorie...Rate it

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A German Christmas Eve (Prose)
Michael Fairless
A German Christmas Eve It was intensely cold; Father Rhine was frozen over, so he may speak for it; and for days we had lived t...Rate it

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A Tale of Christmas Eve
William Topaz McGonagall
'Twas Christmastide in Germany, And in the year of 1850, And in the city of Berlin, which is most beautiful to the eye; A poor boy was heard callin...Rate it

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Christmas Eve
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch
Friend, old friend in the Manse by the fireside sitting, Hour by hour while the grey ash drips from the log; You with a book on your knee, your wif...Rate it

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Christmas Eve
Christina Rossetti
Christmas hath a darkness Brighter than the blazing noon, Christmas hath a chillness Warmer than the heat of June, Christmas hath a beauty ...Rate it

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Christmas Eve
Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
Friend, old friend in the Manse by the fireside sitting, Hour by hour while the grey ash drips from the log; You with a book on your knee, your w...Rate it

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Christmas Eve
Eugene Field
Oh, hush thee, little Dear-my-Soul, The evening shades are falling,-- Hush thee, my dear, dost thou not hear The voice of the Master calling? Deep...Rate it

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Christmas Eve
Ella Higginson
Straight thro’ a fold of purple mist The sun goes down—a crimson wheel— And like an opal burns the sea That once was cold as steel. With pom...Rate it

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Christmas Eve 1914
Eugene Field
Silent, to-night, o'er Judah's hills Bend low the angel throng, No heavenly music fills the air Exultantly with song; Yet, close above the sin-scar...Rate it

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Christmas Eve: 1872
Ina D. Coolbrith
Peace in the snowy breast, O cloud from storm at rest! Peace in the winds that sleep Upon the deep. Peace in the starry height: Peace i...Rate it

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Juleaftenen (Christmas Eve )
Henrik Wergeland
Hvo minnes ikke et vær, han tror, ei himlen mer kan skikke? et vær som om hver sjel, fra Kains til den, Gud sist fordømte, den jord forbannet, fra ...Rate it

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On Christmas Eve
William Wilfred Campbell
In byre and barn the mows are brim with sheaves, Where stealeth in with phosphorescent tread The glimmering moon, and, ’neath his wattled eaves...Rate it

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Religious Musings : A Desultory Poem Written On The Christmas Eve Of 1794
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
What tho' first, In years unseason'd, I attuned the lay To idle passion and unreal woe? Yet serious truth her empire o'er my song Hath now asserted...Rate it

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The Soldier's Christmas Eve
Anonymous Americas
In a southern forest gloomy and old, So lately the scene of a terrible fight, A soldier, alone in the dark and cold, Is keeping the watch tonight. ...Rate it

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The Trapper's Christmas Eve
Robert William Service
It's mighty lonesome-like and drear. Above the Wild the moon rides high, And shows up sharp and needle-clear The emptiness of earth and sky; No hap...Rate it

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