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Nikhil Parekh
The sweltering sands of blistering desert; unrelentingly chased tantalizing globules of golden rain; pelting ferociously from the crimson sky, T...Rate it

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The Chase
Dennis Wayne Clarke
I chase her in the wind Her scent rides the air I hunt in all four winds I smell her now I swear Running steady forward Running hard and bold I ...Rate it

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The Chase
Anonymous Americas
Quick, fly to the covert, thou hunted of men! For the bloodhounds are baying o'er mountain and glen; The riders are mounted, the loose rein is give...Rate it

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Chase Henry
Edgar Lee Masters
In my life I was the town drunkard; When I died the priest denied me burial In holy ground. The which rebounded to my good fortune. For the Pro...Rate it

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Chase the wind
Conrad Trudelle
Chase the Wind The experience of H.A.L.O. Different each time But, When done Seven Miles High At the break of dawn There is nothing t...Rate it

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On The Best, Last, And Only Remaning Comedy Of Mr. Fletcher. The Wild Goose Chase
Richard Lovelace
I'm un-ore-clowded, too! free from the mist! The blind and late Heaven's-eyes great Occulist, Obscured with the false fires of his sceme, Not half ...Rate it

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Purr chase
A distant queen ornate and lavish Men were savaged Worst… women ravaged Children snatched amongst carnage Quarry lands, prey lands, irreparable dam...Rate it

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The Chase
Kurt Philip Behm
When you give the horse his rein —it’s more about the chase than the hunt (Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2018)Rate it

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The chase
Skylar Bishop
The thrill is all in the chase Once the mouse was caught the game was no fun There was no point in playing and everything was done The excitements...Rate it

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The Chase
Paul Laurence Dunbar
THE wind told the little leaves to hurry, And chased them down the way, While the mother tree laughed loud in glee, For she thought her babes at pl...Rate it

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The Chase
Baha Zahlan
So many things we chase Pure curiosity overtakes, Big small rocks prove uneven For us to run on uneven We may not get our choices, But we will catc...Rate it

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The Chase of Ages
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Light of my lives! Is the time not yet? Lo, I've brooded on a star Through many a year, with the hope held dear That, in some future far, I would k...Rate it

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The Chase.
Robert Crawford
There is in us a hue and cry, The hart of Life is up; But when the chase is done, we'll lie Where we with Death shall sup. Rate it

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The Mental Chase of the Invisible Virus
Snap! was the sound, as a stampede ensues, each running because his neighbor heard and ran too. That’s what pattern-seeking entities do, they are ...Rate it

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The Music of the Chase
William Henry Ogilvie
I don't know any tune from any other, I couldn't sing a song if I were paid, I couldn't for the ransom of a brother, Hum a single thing that anyb...Rate it

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To Chase
Kurt Philip Behm
Dreaming in the shadows, by the light of the moon My feelings chasing words —that can speak for us all (Dreamsleep: October, 2019)Rate it

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Wild-Goose Chase
Wallace Dean LaBenne
Exercise on treadmills is good for a heart pace: a monotonous routine such as running in place. It will get you nowhere like a wild-goose chase. Wo...Rate it

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