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O Captain! My Captain!
Walt Whitman
O CAPTAIN! my Captain! our fearful trip is done; The ship has weather'd every rack, the prize we sought is won; The port is near, the bel...Rate it

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Captain Carpenter
John Crowe Ransom
Captain Carpenter rose up in his prime Put on his pistols and went riding out But had got wellnigh nowhere at that time Till he fell in with lad...Rate it

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A Captain Of Song
Francis Thompson
(On a portrait of Coventry Patmore by J. S. Sargent, R.A.) Look on him. This is he whose works ye know; Ye have adored, thanked, loved him,--no, n...Rate it

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A Captain Of The Press-Gang.
Bliss Carman (William)
Shipmate, leave the ghostly shadows, Where thy boon companions throng! We will put to sea together Through the twilight with a song. Leering cl...Rate it

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Captain Car
Frank Sidgwick
The Text is from a Cottonian MS. of the sixteenth century in the British Museum (Vesp. A. xxv. fol. 178). It is carelessly written, and words are h...Rate it

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Captain Craig
Edwin Arlington Robinson
I I doubt if ten men in all Tilbury Town Had ever shaken hands with Captain Craig, Or called him by his name, or looked at him So curiously, or...Rate it

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Captain Of His Own Ship
Teresa Whitney
Looking through out the universe, A Captain of a ship I found, An interesting gent he was, As I stood looking all around, Standing stout without a...Rate it

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Captain Orlando Killion
Edgar Lee Masters
Oh, you young radicals and dreamers, You dauntless fledglings Who pass by my headstone, Mock not its record of my captaincy in the army And my fait...Rate it

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Captain Reece
William Schwenck Gilbert
Of all the ships upon the blue, No ship contained a better crew Than that of worthy CAPTAIN REECE, Commanding of THE MANTELPIECE. He was adored by...Rate it

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Captain Teach alias Black Beard
William Topaz McGonagall
Edward Teach was a native of Bristol, and sailed from that port On board a privateer, in search of sport, As one of the crew, during the French War...Rate it

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Captain Von Esson of the “Sebastopol”
Henry Lawson
Of his beauty, or stature, or colour of hair I hadn’t the slightest hint, But he comes to me as a little man, with a scrubby beard and a squint, Wi...Rate it

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Captain Wedderburn
Frank Sidgwick
The Text is from Kinloch's MSS., where it was written down from the recitation of Mary Barr: it is entitled 'The Earl of Rosslyn's Daughter.' ...Rate it

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Death Of Captain Cooke,
William Lisle Bowles
OF 'THE BELLEROPHON,' KILLED IN THE SAME BATTLE. When anxious Spain, along her rocky shore, From cliff to cliff returned the sea-fight's roar; Whe...Rate it

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Like Captain Kirk On His Way To Meet Spock
Mario William Vitale
Like Captain Kirk On His Way To Meet Spock I got this rap rock while the hoochie on my sock Drop I got eyes to see & ears to here I shed a ...Rate it

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Lines On Captain Wogan. To An Oak Tree
Sir Walter Scott
To an Oak Tree, In the Churchyard of --, In the Highlands of Scotland, Said to Mark the Grave of Captain Wogan, Killed in 1649. Emblem of England'...Rate it

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Ode to Captain Paery
Thomas Hood
'By the North Pole, I do challenge thee!' From 'Love's Labour's Lost.' I Paery, my man! has thy brave leg Yet struck its foot against the peg ...Rate it

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On The Discoveries Of Captain Lewis (January 14, 1807)
Joel Barlow
Let the Nile cloak his head in the clouds, and defy The researches of science and time; Let the Niger escape the keen traveller's eye, By plunging ...Rate it

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On Visiting The Spot Where Captain Cook And Sir Joseph Banks First Landed In Botany Bay
Barron Field
Here fix the tablet. This must be the place Where our Columbus of the South did land. He saw the Indian village on that sand And on this rock fi...Rate it

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Our Captain's Last Words
Henry Clay Work
Where the foremost flag was flying, Pierce'd by manny a shot and shell, Where the bravest men were dying, There our gallant captain fell. "Boys! yo...Rate it

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Sonnet On Affixing A Tablet To The Memory Of Captain Cook And Sir Joseph Banks Against The Rock Of Their First Landing In Botany Bay
Barron Field
I have been musing what our Banks had said And Cook, had they had second sight, that here (Where fifty years ago the first they were Of voyagers, w...Rate it

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Sonnets on the Discovery of Botany Bay by Captain Cook
Henry Kendall
The First Attempt to Reach the Shore Where is the painter who shall paint for you, My Austral brothers, with a pencil steeped In hues of Truth, th...Rate it

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The Captain
John McCrae
Here all the day she swings from tide to tide, Here all night long she tugs a rusted chain, A masterless hulk that was a ship of ...Rate it

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The Captain
China Pig
Listening to the captain at 2 am The music is clearer when I'm half asleep Talking about yellow brick roads, blue million miles and bat chain pulle...Rate it

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The Captain and the Mermaids
William Schwenck Gilbert
I SING a legend of the sea, So hard-a-port upon your lee! A ship on starboard tack! She's bound upon a private cruise - (This is the kind of spice ...Rate it

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The Captain of the Push
Henry Lawson
As the night was falling slowly down on city, town and bush, From a slum in Jones's Alley sloped the Captain of the Push; And he scowled towards ...Rate it

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