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Ella Wheeler Wilcox
England, father and mother in one, Look on your stalwart son. Sturdy and strong, with the valour of youth, Where is another so lusty? Coated and m...Rate it

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Emily Pauline Johnson
(ACROSTIC) Crown of her, young Vancouver; crest of her, old Quebec; Atlantic and far Pacific sweeping her, keel to deck. North of her, ice and ...Rate it

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Sir Charles George Douglas Roberts
O Child of Nations, giant-limbed, Who stand'st among the nations now Unheeded, unadored, unhymned, With unanointed brow, -- How lo...Rate it

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Stephan Stephansson
It was formerly believed, on a sea-battered shore though the storm at home blasted, that in the distant west there still lay lands, where calm and ...Rate it

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A Romance of Canada
James McIntyre
An English youth to Canada came, A labourer, John Roe by name; His little wealth had made him bold- Twenty sovereigns in gold, He was industrious a...Rate it

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Canada First
Robert Kirkland Kernighan
To home and Country shouts we raise I For Home and Land to Heaven we cry ! In Home and Country let us live For Home and Land we stand to die ! ...Rate it

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Canada Our Home
James McIntyre
The following response to ' Canada, our Home,' was given at a banquet of the Caledonian Society, Ingersoll. In responding to the sentiment, 'Canad...Rate it

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Canada to England
Marjorie Lowry Christie Pickthall
Great names of thy great captains gone before Beat with our blood, who have that blood of thee; Raleigh and Grenville, Wolfe, and all the free F...Rate it

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Canada To England
Isabella Valancy Crawford
GONE are the days, old Warrior of the Seas, When thine armed head, bent low to catch my voice, Caught but the plaintive sighings of my woods, And t...Rate it

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Canada, 1882.
John Campbell
"Are hearts here strong enough to found A glorious people's sway?" Ask of our rivers as they bound From hill to plain, or ocean-sound, If they are ...Rate it

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Fragment Of An Ode To Canada
Duncan Campbell Scott
This is the land! It lies outstretched a vision of delight, Bent like a shield between the silver seas It flashes back the hauteur of the sun; Yet ...Rate it

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My Native Canada
Thomas Baird
1. Oh, Canada, oh, Canada, A land that I call home. A country blessed with oaks and pines, And maples as its dome. 2. The Northern Lig...Rate it

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Nuptial Ode on Canada
James McIntyre
Written during the visit of delegates from the Lower Provinces to negotiate for confederation. Hail Britannia's noblest daughter, Who is surrounde...Rate it

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o canada
We love our country, Canada. It's peaceful and it's kind. Where you can do what makes you happy and others don't generally mind In the summer i go...Rate it

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Spring In Canada
William Wilfred Campbell
SEASON of life's renewal, love's rebirth, And all hope's young espousals; in your dream, I feel once more the ancient stirrings of Earth. Now i...Rate it

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To Canada
Katharine Lee Bates
OUR neighbor of the undefended bound, Friend of the hundred years of peace, our kin, Fellow adventurer on the enchanted ground Of the New World, mu...Rate it

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To My Mother In Canada, From Sick-Bed In Italy
Frank James Prewett
Dear mother, from the sure sun and warm seas Of Italy, I, sick, remember now What sometimes is forgot in times of ease, Our love, the always felt b...Rate it

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Winter In Canada
Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon
Nay tell me not that, with shivering fear, You shrink from the thought of wintering here; That the cold intense of our winter-time Is severe as tha...Rate it

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