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Carl Sandburg
Sling me under the sea. Pack me down in the salt and wet. No farmer’s plow shall touch my bones. No Hamlet hold my jaws and speak How jokes are...Rate it

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Walter de la Mare
Said Mr. Smith, “I really cannot Tell you, Dr. Jones— The most peculiar pain I’m in— I think it’s in my bones.” Said Dr. Jones, “Oh, Mr. Smith, Th...Rate it

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100 Bones
Nikhil Parekh
God gave you a 100 bones; to atleast mitigate a 100 people from the aisles of inexplicably traumatic suffering during your entire lifetime; not to ...Rate it

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All Blood Is Red. All Bones Are White. All Sweat Is Golden. For It Is Not The Color Of Our Skins, Bu
Nikhil Parekh
There might exist eyes; in an infinite shades and shapes on the trajectory of this fathomlessly eclectic Universe, There might exist hair; in an...Rate it

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Bones, A.B. is Reminded
Clarence Michael James Stanislaus Dennis
Men of the sea (said Bones, A.B.) Is touchy coves and curious, They stands a lot, till some dark plot Gets 'em all hot an' furious. Tricks with the...Rate it

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Brittle Bones
Robert Graves
Though I am an old man With my bones very brittle, Though I am a poor old man Worth very little, Yet I suck at my long pipe At peace in the sun, I ...Rate it

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In Memoriam A. H. H.: 39. Old warder of these buried bones
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Old warder of these buried bones, And answering now my random stroke With fruitful cloud and living smoke, Dark yew, that grasp...Rate it

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Just A Pair Of Bones
Nikhil Parekh
Beneath my shirt; the gaudy clothes that engulfed my body, Beneath the infinite mass of hair; that sprouted from my scalp and skin, Beneath the ex...Rate it

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On Viewing the Skull and Bones of a Wolf
Alexander Posey
How savage, fierce and grim! His bones are bleached and white. But what is death to him? He grins as if to bite. He mocks the fate T...Rate it

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The Deer Lay Down Their Bones
Robinson Jeffers
I followed the narrow cliffside trail half way up the mountain Above the deep river-canyon. There was a little cataract crossed the path, flin...Rate it

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The Valley Of Dry Bones
Ambrose Bierce
With crow bones all the land is white, From the gates of morn to the gates of night. Picked clean, they lie on the cumbered ground, And the politic...Rate it

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