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Helen Hunt Jackson
Mother, I see you with your nursery light, Leading your babies, all in white, To their sweet rest; Christ, the Good Shepherd, carries mine tonight,...Rate it

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The Best Of The Best Of The Infinite Best
Nikhil Parekh
I didn't want to be like the best ocean on this Universe; unrelentingly kissing nothing else but the gloriously pristine shores, I didn't want to...Rate it

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He Prayeth Best Who Loveth Best
Louisa May Alcott
'He prayeth best who loveth best All things, both great and small; For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all.' Rate it

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Best friend
Audrey newell
I know we've had some hard times, I know we've had some tears, but we've also had some good times and laughter over the years. You've always been w...Rate it

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Best Society
Philip Larkin
When I was a child, I thought, Casually, that solitude Never needed to be sought. Something everybody had, Like nakedness, it lay at hand, Not spec...Rate it

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The Best is Good Enough
James Whitcomb Riley
I quarrel not with destiny, But make the best of everything- The best is good enough for me. Leave discontent alone, and she Will shut her mouth a...Rate it

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Amaka Rachael Mordi (ARM)
Though we are in this world over 7 BILLION Each human lives in a different cosmos and AION Just like life unfolds in times and SEASONS We were ea...Rate it

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The Old Times Were the Best
James Whitcomb Riley
Friends, my heart is half aweary Of its happiness to-night: Though your songs are gay and cheery, And your spirits feather-light, There's a ghostly...Rate it

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At Best
John Boyle O'Reilly
o The faithful helm commands the keel, From port to port fair breezes blow; But the ship must sail the convex sea, Nor may she straighter go. ...Rate it

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A Dog's Best Friend Is His Illiteracy
Ogden Nash
It has been well said that quietness is what a Grecian urn is the still unravished bride of, And that a door is what a dog is perpetually on the wr...Rate it

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The Time I Like Best
Roger McGough
The time I like best is 6am when the snow is 6 inches deep which I'm yet to discover 'cause I'm under the covers fast, fast asleep.Rate it

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The Best School of All
Sir Henry Newbolt
It's good to see the school we knew, the land of youth and dream. To greet again the rule we knew, before we took the stream. Though long we've mis...Rate it

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PH. Best & Co.'s Lager-Beer
Ella Wheeler Wilcox
In every part of the thrifty town, Whether my course be up or down, In lane, and alley, and avenue, Painted in yellow, and red, and blue, This side...Rate it

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Sonnet 43: When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see
William Shakespeare
When most I wink, then do mine eyes best see, For all the day they view things unrespected; But when I sleep, in dreams they look on thee, And dark...Rate it

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Advice To My Best Brother, Coll: Francis Lovelace.
Richard Lovelace
Frank, wil't live unhandsomely? trust not too far Thy self to waving seas: for what thy star, Calculated by sure event, must be, Look in the glassy...Rate it

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AN ELEGY Upon my Best Friend L. K. C.
Henry King
Should we our Sorrows in this Method range, Oft as Misfortune doth their Subjects change, And to the sev'ral Losses which befall, Pay diff'rent ...Rate it

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As Frost is best conceived
Emily Dickinson
As Frost is best conceived By force of its Result— Affliction is inferred By subsequent effect— If when the sun reveal, The Garden keep the Gash— ...Rate it

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Best essay writer
Our seasoned editors with expert degrees can help you mitigate the threat of a negative approach by rigorously testing accuracy and reliability in ...Rate it

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Best Friend
Nikhil Parekh
The whole world clung to you invincibly when you were prosperous; standing tall in due adulation; of even your most diminutively capricious of achi...Rate it

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Best Gains—must have the Losses' Test
Emily Dickinson
Best Gains—must have the Losses' Test— To constitute them—Gains— Rate it

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Best Thing
Kurt Philip Behm
To believe or deny, enlightenment dares Our lack of acceptance, a three-legged chair We feel it and breathe it, and live it de jure As minds are l...Rate it

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Best Things dwell out of Sight
Emily Dickinson
Best Things dwell out of Sight The Pearl—the Just—Our Thought. Most shun the Public Air Legitimate, and Rare— The Capsule of the Wind The Capsule...Rate it

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Better And Best
William Arthur Dunkerley
Better in bitterest agony to lie, Before Thy throne, Than through much increase to be lifted up on high, And stand alone. Better by one sweet s...Rate it

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But You Looked The Best
Nikhil Parekh
You looked more ravishing than the fairies; when I sighted you under flamboyantly fiery rays of dazzling Sunlight, You looked more mesmerizing th...Rate it

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Did Our Best Moment last
Emily Dickinson
Did Our Best Moment last— 'Twould supersede the Heaven— A few—and they by Risk—procure— So this Sort—are not given— Except as stimulants—in Cases ...Rate it

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