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Osama Ali
In the evening, Amanda often hastily came to the Egyptian restaurant, overlooking the sea. She would arrive with her gypsy, Italian pampered dallia...Rate it

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To Amanda - Come, Dear Amanda, Quit The Town
James Thomson
Come, dear Amanda, quit the town, And to the rural hamlets fly; Behold! the wintry storms are gone; A gentle radiance glads the sky. The birds ...Rate it

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Amanda Barker
Edgar Lee Masters
Henry got me with child, Knowing that I could not bring forth life Without losing my own. In my youth therefore I entered the portals of dust. ...Rate it

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Amanda Elise
Laurie A. Lanza
My daughter is the love of my life. I want her with me every day and every night. She reminds me of a rainbow with all of it's radiant colors. It ...Rate it

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Inside house of cards by Amanda
karl stuber
house of cards is changing my life... Stacking up in pairs building up Mostly causing great deal of strife feel like crumbs sitting in a cup I onc...Rate it

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R.I.P Amanda Todd
Ash Prince
As she made her way to school each day And see the children skip and play She will tell the bullies in her school Can you be kind and not so cruel ...Rate it

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To Love (Amanda)
James Thomson
Sweet tyrant Love,- but hear me now! And cure while young this pleasing smart; Or rather aid my trembling vow, And teach me to reveal my heart. Te...Rate it

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To The Same (Amanda) With A Copy Of The 'Seasons'
James Thomson
Accept, loved Nymph, this tribute due To tender friendship, love, and you: But with it take what breathed the whole. O take to thine the poet's sou...Rate it

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Verses Addressed To Amanda
James Thomson
Ah, urged too late! from beauty's bondage free, Why did I trust my liberty with thee? And thou, why didst thou, with inhuman art, If not resolved t...Rate it

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