Colours of poetry

I am a passionate poet out to share my works with the world. If you enjoy my poetry, you can support me by buying me a coffee at ---

Dress emotions most truly human
In bold italicized silk
And that’s poetry

Color a scene collage or mosaic
In shimmering liquid letters
And that’s poetry

Spray a blossom in full bloom
In dreamy wordy fumigants
And that’s poetry

Paint a clown of a character
In red-tinged adjectives
And that’s poetry

Calligraph the most elegant verses
In fonts artistic and alluring
And that’s poetry

Express pain most deep and soulful
In hot alphabetic tears
And that’s poetry

Laugh out loud exuberantly
In consonant vowels most delightful
And that’s poetry

Sing in melodies most divine
With sweet angelic syllables
And that’s poetry

Poetry yours truly.