Lawrence S. Pertillar

Power Move

No one has yet to prove,
A choosing to follow stupidity...
Would eventually result in a victory.
In such an unusual,
And groundbreaking historic way.

With this done to do,
In a never before power move.
By one who intentionally,
Convinced others they too...
Should become made to look,
And appear as fools.
When fools they were not.

But to claim to have just wanted,
The experience of being...
Locked away in prison.
To test the laws and rules,
Of a government...
Hoping their frauding and corruption,
In public done to do...
Would be ignored.

And their efforts endeavored...
Accomplished and achieved,
Did not disappoint their success.

'All of you are guilty of...
We will now have a 20 minute recess.
To determine and decide...
What that 'something' you have done,