K.V Srikanth

Street lights

Darkness keeps its date
Sunlight completely erased City lights bright
Nightime security
Street lights stands alone with all its beauty

The vibrations of the night
Does give you a fright
Night makes you a different man
A lot more time in your hands

Silence of the night
Darkness in sight
Not logical
Street light does it
Making it magical

Moon and his friend
Moon spreading its glow
Street Lights adding to it from below
Perched on a post inherent in its flow

Romancing the night
Its light shining bright
Pavement dwellers delight
Lone traveller paths highlight

Poor mans best friend
Unable to continue education
Homeless without a roof
Row of lights stand proof
Sharing its soul
Future failure proof

Do their duty
Equanimity their quality
Differentiates nobody
Shines on all equally

Prescense adds beauty
To the roads and the city
Rainy night it adds glory
Presents a picture perfect story

Removes the sorrow
Hope's for a better morrow
Street light stands like the Sphinx
Living under it soon to break your jinx

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