Roberta Gail Tetrick

Little Girl Lonely

American lady born and raised in the heartland. Still married after 50 years with 3 children, 5 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. My life has sent me traveling feom home to home: Indiana, California and Arizona. As a retiree I love to travel. My favorite travel was i the homeland of my…

Little Girl Lonely.......
Hear the laughter and friendly chatter.
People all around. See them smile.
Nobody knows the lonely little girl hiding deep inside.
So many years of hiding me and who I truly ought to be.
......Too many new places!
......Too many changes!
......Too many strangers!

Could they even begin to see?
The surface smile: The friendly face: Hide the inner pain.
Hiding the “Martian child” was so easy.
How easy to please!
If only others believe you are what they want you to be.
Where did “My Sunshine” go?

So easy to just go along: Hide the inner pain!
Being lonely in the crowd becomes just another façade.
So many roles to play to try to please.
Sticks and stones may break your bones:
  names will never hurt you.
Oh, but words do.
The words not said.
The words not meant for you.

Brick by brick the invisible walls rise up.
Deep inside the tears well up.
How sad to pass this way but once and to never prevail.
How sad to be so deprived: giving, giving just not enough.
No friends. Broken family ties. No sense of value.

All alone in this lonely place!
......Lots of space!
......Emptiness abounding!

Toddler, Child, Adolescent, Teen, Woman, Senior Citizen!
Friend, Teacher, Colleague, Mentor, Boss!
Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Aunt!
Wife, Mother, Grandmother!

Little girl lonely hiding within.