Phil Roberts

Hell frozen over

I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

Darkness and coldness
Not the heat of classic Hell,
Views of a kingdom
Of seemingly endless space,
A vast chilling emptiness.

Icy vistas loom
For miles in all directions,
No sign of people
Humanity passed away?
Or are survivors hiding?

An icy wasteland
Coming from global warming,
Once pollution rose
And surrounded the whole Earth,
The Sun's heat could not get through.

Frozen tundra lands
Once the domain of livestock,
Many and all kinds
Now few creatures can survive,
Upon this frozen planet.

Darkness reigns supreme
Coldness that can't be believed,
By those left behind
A vast endless emptiness,
Where humans once were rulers.

© Copyright 2021, Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia