Hakikur Rahman

Unsent letter

Once he met, the ex-girlfriend of a friend
He used to like her, but could not tell her the truth
One day while she was dancing with the friend
(At that time, they did not become ex),
When she comes near him, he could smell her body
It is like a beauty soap, or an unknown perfume, or a nameless flower
So pure, so pleasant, so charming, he cannot describe
But, the smell remained in his heart for a long time.

She was so pretty; he thought he could sing a song for her
One song, two songs, three songs, songs forever
In fact, if she passes by him, even with his closed eye
He could tell her presence
So, to see her for a glance, he remained standing on the way
She comes and goes.

One day gone, two days gone, three days gone
Numerous days gone
She never passes through this way
But, for her he left some yellow flowers on the path
Not all yellow, with a red spot in the middle
In the hope that someday, she will pass through the way
And maybe she will recognize the flowers.

However, one day he wrote a letter for her
I quote, “And here goes the infinite solitude of a
Broken heart, who remains imprisoned forever
In your absence… , if you feel the tears of my eyes
Falling from the sky, you will understand that
Someone was there for you”.

But, for some unknown reasons, he never sent the letter
He kept it under the wet pillow.

(Inspired by a true story)

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