Lawrence S. Pertillar

An Unpretentious Mission

It will take,
An unpretentious mission.
To undertake and undo,
The layers to remove...
A frauding that has corrupted,
Truth permitted to erode.
With a hope to resuscitate,
Its value.
Few if any,
Know of it or knew.

This unpretentious mission,
Has begun...
With tremendous opposition.
Since for centuries,
Re-written has been a history.
Excluding the truth and its reality.
Leaving many feeling threatened,
What has been fictioned...
Faces certain death.

What does face certain death.
Is defying what is true.
Defending against it.
With a doing all one can do,
To protect false beliefs.
Doing this to uphold,
The diminishing of fantasies.

And fantasies kept to keep them lived,
Has been witnessed to destroy...
A quality of life.
Without it understood to understand,
Comprehending what truth is to live it.

And this to do it,
Is cost effective.
To only enhance,
Truth for what it is...
Ending lies that have been told.
Done to do to improve,
The existence of humanity.
Without delusions to fiction,
The possibilities.
To enforce a reality,
Animated in movies and TV.
But never will become,
A truth to live to accept and believe...
Real to be what no one sees,
As a reflection beyond...
Trips to take to amusement parks.

Where fantasies are created,
For the purpose to escape away...
On those temporary escapades.
From reality at a cost to pay.
Big bucks.

To do...
Just for one day!
Done to remember,
Having to await in a long line.
With others complaining,
About the prices paid.
For hotdogs, cotton candy.
And rides intended,
To make one vomit!