A. Dale Ambers


Somewhere between fantasy,
  And cold as a stone,
In darkness I dwell,
  With my thoughts all alone.

This Darkness foreboding,
  Born of thought that we share,
Full of pleasures forbidden,
  Doth flesh and fancy ensnare.

I see this full-well,
  To my eye it is clear,
Yet not to pursue it,
  Is all that I fear.

In the freedom of fantasy,
  There's no sin to atone,
Midst the lust of illusion,
  No coldness of Stone.

Join with me here,
  'Ere the Sun doth arise,
To melt our Shadows,
  And prove us unwise.

Close your eyes,
  To the Light that would blind,
Close your ears,
  To the Voices unkind,

Else leave me shattered,
  My Fate to bemoan,
Somewhere between fantasy,
  And cold as a stone.

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