Gelene Beverly (PathofStars)

You Hear Me, Don’t You?

Due to the website changing hands, I cannot access my original profile. I’m now under “PathofStars” but it’s still me. Stay “unique” and Always Believe!!

Let me go.
Release my mind.
Freedom from your cold grip.

Escape has never been an option.
It is an impossible struggle
To sit in your dark shadow pleading.

You never hear my words.
I can hurt you,
Don’t test my strength
For it is you who will fail.

I no longer wish to be in your presence
Or feel the pain that you cause.
A plague you are,
Bringer of death.

My death will not be among them.
An end to this madness,
I will bring this upon you
For ignored I remain.

Mercy is not a gift
To be given to you,
For you have destroyed
All patience I had.