Sun rise, waking up w/ fresh eyes
Summer lurking,intent to make ethical ties
Yours truly feeding off 3 peer advise
Heels left cooling 4 the premonition of paradise
Thinking new eras w/o all the cries
Ventured off w a mind like clear skies.

Afternoon heat pulled up w lethal surprise
Terrifying probability crept like 2nd wave in disguise
Attempts to make peace like pleasent sun rise
Extreme Heat waves, mindset put to sacrifise
Self loath and burning heat embelished allies
Sense in coma endeavoured as the mind tries to unwind
Little were known ab the upcomings,these were the highs.

Growth of self tree halted then demise
A never ending suffocating loop as time flies
Urge to relive the hope of morning dies
Hull of functioning mechanisms entirety began to despise
Wishing well for dependency after cut off ties
Secluded from fellowship, ardour on standby
Never ending succession ensue w incessant sighs.

Swot up to live and try to purify
Frank Ocean,Safe and Sound comprise
routine to fix the lack of adornment to nullify
Mental paralysis thriving hankering doesnt arise
Expecations of affinity taken away from the surprise
breezy night starfilled cuffing far cry
Genuine appeal from despar led low w the eyes.