Lawrence S. Pertillar

Qualities We All Have

No one has yet to live,
To experience everything there is...
That life to adventure and explores,
And the many who pray,
That one day will come...
With it wished.
To spend and get,
An abundance of money,
They did not earned.
Discovering it done to happen.
Found it difficult to use it.
Because of guilt to feel.

People like this...
Can not be said,
To be out of their minds.
Anyone like that,
Searching for a way to give it back.
In times like these...
When people have grown,
Accustomed to pinching pennies.
Worrying about bills to pay.
Food to eat.
And keeping a place,
Where it is safe to sleep...
Under and protected.
The last thing,
They should concerned themselves...
Is being selfish.
With such...
A self serving thoughtlessness.
What a crazy thing to do.

Are we not taught,
A good deed done for others...
Halos to adorn our heads.
Wings and golden slippers.
Trumpets heard to play.
Angelic voices in harmony singing.
And a Heaven,
To never ever end.
With our favorite beverage to sip,
Tip toeing through...
The brightest of white clouds.
We sacrifice our human needs,
On Earth!

Representing the qualities we all have.