Gelene Beverly (PathofStars)

Change or Lose

Due to the website changing hands, I cannot access my original profile. I’m now under “PathofStars” but it’s still me. Stay “unique” and Always Believe!!

Problems in life sometimes even we don’t understand,
We react to things certain that of our mind we have command.
When inside you break and you don't even know why,
It's then that we resort to telling ourself a lie.

No one can help unless you desire to change,
It's not an easy task for your thoughts to rearrange.
Until you decide that you want to live a happy life,
The choices you act upon only cause those around you strife.

Open your eyes and you will see what you are losing,
From all the bad choices and actions you are choosing.
Friends will stand by you through the good and the bad,
But destroy their trust and you will lose all the friends you had.

Continue to intimidate, frighten and strike out,
Everything you then do will only make others doubt.
When you are struggling with all that's in your head,
Keep it private telling only trusted friends instead.