Gelene Beverly (PathofStars)

I Believe in You

Due to the website changing hands, I cannot access my original profile. I’m now under “PathofStars” but it’s still me. Stay “unique” and Always Believe!!

Life hit you hard today
So unfair in every way.
You deserve better than this
Why is it all hit and miss.
When the shadows finally call
I know that you will not fall.
You will never know just why
Until it all then makes you cry.

Surrendering your own bright soul
To bring hope, make others whole.
Don't let it bring you down
And turn that smile to a frown.
The sunlight will soon break through
And clouds will drift away from view.

We all face hard times and trials
Get consumed in our denials.
Yet in the end we find peace again
With every loss we learn how to win.
It's all worth it when we look back
Gaining strength from all we lack.

I always believe in you
In every little thing you do.
Through every heartbreak and dark storm
My love will keep you strong and warm.
I always believe in you
Because your heart is pure and true.