Phil Roberts

When we were kids

I am 64 and loves cats, rock music, and horror fiction and poetry

Long before TV's Retard Ninja Turkeys
We used to play in sewer pipes,
In South Kingsville, down near Yabby Creek
Where the stench was often more than ripe.

Without money for playhouses in the 1960s
We'd pretend the pipes were foreign lands,
And we were cowboys hunting Indians
Or Sheikhs riding into red desert sands.

Or we were soldiers in the second world war
Fighting the enemy on the run,
But as Aussies we had the upper hand
Since we got to use Mr. Owen's gun.

Or they were wormholes to other worlds
Like in Star Trek and later Blakes 7,
We could zoom toward the outer galaxies
Reaching almost right up into heaven.

Or they were tunnels leading underground
To where Morlocks and other monsters thrived,
And we would have to go right into their lair
To fight if the human race were to survive.

Or we were train-drivers on the Met
Zooming through the proposed underground,
Taking workers from station to station
Ferrying tourists about Melbourne Town.

Long before TV's Ninja Turkeys
It was poverty that made us play in pipes,
In the 21st century, kids are still poor
And have to play any way they can contrive.

If governments would sometimes tax the rich
They'd have money to hand out to the poor,
Then with better lounge-rooms and cubby houses
Kids could play more safely indoors.

© Copyright 2021, Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia