Lawrence S. Pertillar

Given To Get It To Take It Gone!

No one can prepare for sadness.
Or the breaking of one's heart.
That the surprise of shock,
Can not stop yet causes.

No words heard to hear them say,
Will prevent felt emotions...
Disappear to suddenly go away.
No matter how brave a face is fixed.

And this is the life we live.
Blessed not to know,
When that time comes to take...
Our limited experience of life,
Given to us for granted...Gone!

Like that!
With not questions to be answered.
Or preferences from a list of choices.
To realize...
We live on this Earth as visitors.
And no one knows but God,
The date, the time and when...
Our visit ends!

If you happen to be,
Among those who are pretentious.
Incapable to be grateful to say it.