Lawrence S. Pertillar

Color Of The Bridge

Nothing can or will prevent,
A people stubborn.
With a mind set embedded...
Fixed in cement.
From bombing a bridge.
One that supplies,
Every nourishment imagined.
And providing,
All of their needs to please.
Dependent upon to survive.
Rumored through gossip.
And lies heard to spread told.
That an historic bridge,
To have been built centuries ago...
Had been bought and sold.
By a group of diversified,
Ethnic people.
People who were thought to believe,
Cleaners of the bridge.
Clearners who were also observed,
On a daily basis...
Ensuring those they 'served',
With every possible need.
Without complaint.
As if to do this subserviently!

When this had been revealed.
And offended those entitled.
Up rose butts on cold to freeze,
Who then decided...
A bombing of this bridge,
Would be...
In the best of their interests.
With a newer one to replace it.
Before. And not after...
A bridge had been built!

This brilliant decision to have made,
Still remains...
In the argument process.
More prioritized,
Is the color of the bridge.
And the image of it.
That reflects less diversity.
With a doing to hire,
The ones limited in expertise.
But guaranteed higher paid wages!
When and if...
Those given authority,
Can come to agree...
Whose ancestors,
Had arrived first upon these shores.
To represent the image of the bridge!