Astghick Moradkhanians

Retirement (Mental sunshines)

Engineer and newly retire from state employment!as a poet of several poems which published in international library of poetry titles are as follows; God throuly appears in tornado , universal sins, The light of the world,the mystery of the man of all time in the book title best poems in 2002, Ameriā€¦

Remember, Long ago wishing to retire, well your wish is upon you!Be Greatful to mighty God that you are still alive and well! time to periortising sleep , Faith and love, Balanced Diet, Social time,and doing your favorite things such as staying active as much as possible! Remember,to write down highlight of your life story and share with others!(known as journalling); which brings healthy mind will impact on the body Don't believe what that birth date tells you! just believe matter of mind as much as muscle to stay in a alignment! As for me Astghick moradkhanians, believe God's will for us to give purpose and progress to use wisly to expand human life in Godly way! And bring happiness to all in need! Amen!!!Astghick Moradkhanians