Michael Melton

Something I Want To Tell You

Live, Love, Pray.

U stepped out of my dreams, into my life. God
made us a team. He knew what was right. I had
prayed for U. I knew miracles came true. Until
U, clouds hung heavy 'n my mind. I was reaching
for something I couldn't find. I was drained of
energy. I was at the end of my rope. At last, U
came. U were my hope. I had measured my happ-
iness; I had measured my joy. Until U, I was
totally destroyed. U emptied my cup from time
of sadness. You've given me new sight, strength
and gladness. I didn't mean 2 hurt U. I didn't
want 2 tell. I know that U have feelings 2. I do
just as well. I thought this was the best way
out. U know when U hung-up on me, I wanted so
bad 2 call U back but decided 2 let it be. So
I had 2 lie down; my head was hurting bad. In
my mind, I was hearing sounds, the kind U never
had. I didn't mean for us 2 fall 'n love. I
thought we'd be friends. I should have known
from my prayers above. He'd know whom 2 send.
Michael Larue Melton
Copyright ©2009 Michael L arue Melton

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