Gelene Beverly


Like a cavernous emptiness deep in the earth screaming to the skies to bring rebirth.
It was only the cry of a single heart
shattering like glass as it broke apart.

Lead, follow or get out of the way.
A living death if you don’t obey.
Entreat your soul from surreal effects,
breathe once again without life’s defects.

Listen hard to what I'm telling you
whether you believe it to be false or true.
I know what I began here as
and something’s in me no one has.

I learn and grow here every day
and look at life in several ways.
So do you want the same here too?
Then you need to change your point of view.

That broken heart will someday mend
and the darkness in you will descend.
You have to finally let that past go
so all that haunts you does not show.

Your strength surpasses that pain inside
but it’s something that only you can decide.
In your choice lies the truth within
where the spark of hope may yet begin.

Gelene Beverly