Farag Afify (Ben Azouz}

Practical Woman

Farag M. Afify, Egyptian, March 1950, published award winning Fellow Poet. Member of International Society of Poets & International Library of Poetry, World Poets Association, Poetry Nobel House, Indian Poetry Society (Kerala), Abyat Poets and Poetry Community (Kuwait) and Egyptian Poets and So…

“To do or not to do”, her daily instruction
I should always obey, to avoid reaction
She believes I'll remain in a weak construction
Wants to be retained in her falling section

Eyes, ears and tongue, three sources to act
Depending on brain, to judge it in the heart
She is herself leader, no love in her chart
“Practical in reality”, She said. This is a fact

Utilizes every tiny, to execute the role
Reaches always so early, to her evil's goal
She never feels as a guilty, or regrets it at all
Goodbye the Wild lady, no chance again to fall

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