Amir Samji

Mothers' day is celebrated to salute her sacrifices

Mothers' day is celebrated to salute her sacrifices
Think of her in any length; find her full of surprises
With any remuneration can't measure her services
She is unique in herself; for her; pale all advises

She's full of motherly affection; love and novices
What you are today; because of her wishes
Love; she pours in you with motherly kisses
Strong; she makes you with delicious dishes

Because of her vision; goals you accomplished
She would have not taken care of; you diminish
Sacrifice her life to mold you; others to appease
Puts you in picture; lights of cameras to flashes

Because of her; positive thoughts you release
Come close to your goals; conscious get please
Visualize her role in life; see where an eye catches
Will see effects of her in generations; and races

From enchilada of her life gave the best; she preaches
You have to endeavor utmost; the best you fetches
Will not achieve anything in life; if you drop catches
What answer you'll give; when angel of death fetches?