Amir Samji

Glory of all glory is Allah

Glory of all glory is Allah

Glory of all glory is Allah
Grandeur than grand is Allah
Almighty with all-might is Allah
In supreme command is Allah

in Universe above all of is Allah
Axis of Galaxy of Universe is Allah
Very kind and very merciful is Allah
24/7 constant giver to all of us is Allah

No discrimination gives everyone Allah
Everything is created for us by Allah
Lines up all the 'Souls' to come by Allah
Can create anything in no time being Allah

Ready to give anything we ask being Allah
Whole creation is for us see how kind is Allah
Did nothing except reshaping it - Subhan Allah
Has given us intellect for that thankful to Allah

Anybody gives us something we say thank you.
This applies & we're duty bound to say to Allah
When take some loan from Bank say thank you
So why we are not applying in the case of Allah?