Amir Samji

A 'Zero' like Condition Spiritual Meditation.

A 'Zero' like Condition Spiritual Meditation.

Spiritual Meditation means in 'A Zero' like situation
It takes years to reach pacific like 'A Calm' situation
It's not in your hands since you have no control over it
The Meditation is an endless journey towards destiny

As we all know 'Zero' Condition means standstill situation
As 'Almighty' created this Universe from the nothingness
Now you are in search of your origin where you came from
Journey toward destiny is simple but takes years of search

After a years of Meditation now you are in pacific condition
All of a sudden you see some files open up for confirmation
After seeing files you are in a fix nothing to say in response
You realise after study are of your 'Material Journey' of past

To proceed further you need to go through & clean your files
This is a first step to continue your journey to 'Zero' situation
Feel like you are in 'The Court of Justice' to clarify situation
This is the Karma of your past presented to you to confirm it

It will take years to clean up your unwanted files step by step
The day you fall in situation like 'Disappointment' will harm you
To continue your journey with firm belief 'Accept & Repent' it
It's interesting, & go deep into it until you are in 'Zero' Situation

Once reach there will create a spiritual interest to calm you down
In reality will see it benefits all around you in your further journey
Feel it, enjoy it and continue your journey of 'Zero' like situation
Maybe you in a thinking 'This Man is a Mad Man' yes you're right

Let me encompass your whole journey of years in a few lines
No it's not possible unless feel 'Divine Hand' on your 'Shoulder'
Now take me out as an 'Outsider' continue journey on your own
Now you're linked to The Divine Bow down to feel His presence

Looks you are greatly satisfied as you are fully devoted in journey
Continue your journey on your own cautiously with utmost care in it
Continue 'Spiritual Journey' though you have no right over it as such
Hope one day you will see a 'Ray of Light' to accomplish it with proud