Amir Samji

With the age comes wisdom

With the age comes wisdom

It's common, with the age comes wisdom
Seriousness falls in to cap the freedom
Philosophy prevails over to build kingdom
Its starting, takes years for a new creation

Will take time, dedication make it happens
You are just laying foundation with wisdom
It will take you beyond the galaxy of system
Be patient it's a painstaking task in realism

It is not like that you think you'll get it done
Be in contemplation to come out with intuition
Being there, are anxious rightly to get it done
But have to restart all over again with intention

What you learnt in there are room for correction
A lengthy process but no it's not, look in wisdom
Carry it on further without doubt in intellect's prism
One day will click you to jump in air to see kingdom

It is the process of philosophy to polish your wisdom
A link of chain, to loop together to fly high in ambitions
More deep you go into it, take you in galaxy of freedom
No, it'll not let you down helps to fly in intellect's ocean