Jennifer Kersey

People should care.

people should care.
People should care-but just who says so,
usually faceless businessmen and those ``in the know`
with no `axe to grind`-only profit to make,
why should they care, they don’t give but take.
Look at our world with supposed values so fine,
with most of it`s populace below the `poverty line`,
youngsters in boxes out here, on the street,
and in other lands with no shoes on their feet,
clear rivers harnessed for industrial revolution
are now murky cesspits-full of dangerous pollution.
Where is the money from that last `great appeal?`
Never reached the starving in desperate need of a meal,
`pot bellied` children with flies on their faces,
television images shown from far away places,
pathetic figures-they`ll fill a `slot` in the news,
perhaps xxx our consciences to pay up our dues,
war refugees everywhere, pushed from `pillar to post`,
never finding a sympathetic country to play host,
rain forests hacked down at an alarming rate,
with no thought for the future, or our planet’s fate,
oil spillage ,causing havoc `round our beaches,
potentially damaging as the food chain it reaches.
Elders, once respected for skills they had learned,
On the `high alter of decadence` now have been burned.
Muggers, rapists,- sadly, today’s fact of life,
terrorists who cause heartache, misery and strife,
who knocked that wall down and the people re-united
that rocked the economy and the recovery blighted?
Then there’s politicians-ever sympathetic to the plight,
staying in plush hotels and talking way into the night,
endless `babble and promise`-doesn’t it make you feel sick-
means nothing to poor wretches at the `end of their wick?`
Everywhere you look, Mother nature’s struggling to cope
with the mindless destruction-is there really no hope?
Animals packed like sardines and `trucked` hundreds of miles,
are they beings with feeling, or just more money on files?
People should care so that all is not lost,
Take the emphasis off profit, whatever the cost,
And open their eyes to God`s beautiful plan-
`tis not for destruction by uncaring man!

Jennifer Kersey 1993.