Ludy Bührs

Following Rules vs Creativity

The topics she writes about are very diverse, so are the poetry styles she applies. As a Dutch translator and poet, having lived in Cambodia's capital city Phnom Penh for 2.5 years, in 2008 she published "Op de ruïnes van een rijk" (On the Ruins of an Empire) ISBN 978-90-8834-483-1 with 6…

Herd’s moving, moving out to common land,
where there’s the rules, the frame to close one’s eyes.
The master and his willing bending band
are on the run for maybe-s wanting the whys,
just marching straight towards not art but fries.
Those who stay in, are real freedom seekers,
not just a bunch of parroting beakers.
They seek their style; they’ll find their unique voice,
willing to learn while swaying on sneakers,
making it work, within their rules of choice.