You’ve got the easy part

Is it easy
To forget the way I make you feel when I’m not there?
For me I feel you here in everything I do.
Your touch still lingers on my skin, your eyes still watching me move as you embrace me and tell me what to do.
I am an afterthought, a back up for you.
You are a constant presence, a first choice for me.
To talk to you is to fill every thought I have with intrigue.
To know you is to know anticipations’ every layer.
I see the possibilities, the magic.
You see the flaws, the things that are holding us back.
I am receiving whatever I can from this.
I am appreciating whatever you can give me.
I get a little more and I bask in the chance.
Maybe one day I can make you understand the magic that’s there between us, two rare souls familiarized in one another.
You only believe in the physical. So that’s all I can be to you.
I feel that there can be more but you are a realist, and I am spiritual just like you said.
You told me you cannot believe in mystical things.
I am a mystical being,
and so you cannot believe in me.