Kelly Dale

Ocean of storms

Kelly I'm free-spirited, spontaneous, loving I'm a lover: of Pittsburgh Steelers, my cat named Kitty, & computers Feel: content and at peace at the ocean or camping I give: as much love as possible I fear: rejection, death, fire I would like to see: A better future and less crime and hate. …

Ocean of Storms Ocean of storms within' my sleep The sun is white with envy The sky is raining blood All the hatred with the flood And visions I rather not keep. As I relentlessly endure the fears and screams I become shocked in silent trances of temptations only sound Which only comes within' my dreams, As I begin to look around... Around at life's transition, And death's position For me to awake from this lie, I need to say goodbye, Say goodbye to the ocean of storms, Say hello to pride above For now love will take its course and replace those visions for sure.
. KLD 2001