Lawrence S. Pertillar

Say Whaaat!

Now that truth,
Has finally begun to approach...
The 'Say Whaaat!' phase.
These days of our,
'Shut Your Mouth' stage.
Many are beginning,
To look at each other...
In the eyes to make,
That contact first.
Wanting to find,
Any signs of consciousness.
Before scanning one another,
Up then down from head to toe.
Hoping something worn to value.
Provokes a question to ask...
Where it was purchased.
The cost and worth of it.
Avoiding a reality to prefer...
Discussing the pretentiousness,
Of their deluded lives.
Exaggerated to fiction!

Interest to share,
In the caring of others...
Seems to be the latest fad.
And being addressed,
Without impressions made.
To first make them a priority!

Gossip and expressing to have,
Sincere interest in someone else.
Will take time to determine...
Where that fine line ends.

It's like...
Being addicted to nicotine.
And that crave to taste,
That morning cup of coffee.
Filled to the brim with caffeine.

Some habits to have,
Just will not end cold turkey!