Jennifer Kersey

Glorious Easter.

Glorious Easter.

Oh happy morn` , when good Christians to church must go,
to rejoice that Jesus lives, in Heaven and on earth below.
He died for us on that lonely cross, erected on Calvary’s hill,
so we could live our lives ,daily sins forgiven, and also to fulfil
this short but vital mission ,in our midst ,as `mankind lowly`,
the trials and tribulations, borne modestly, without `pomp Holy`,
He was frightened, in form of frailty encased with human doubt,
His Heavenly Father knew this well and, with omnipotence, cast out
all the fears, as he took his only son, carefully in strong embrace,
and raised him up to everlasting glory, in a time without space.
There he sits, his eternal rank safely assured at God’s right hand,
in splendour, everlasting wisdom and power o`er entire cosmic land.
Everyone will meet Him, in time when we kneel before the throne,
and cast off our worldly titles, observe Him `King of Kings` alone,
this Glorious Easter message gives hope to the wretched and forlorn,
in that, from humble beginning, this baby in a bare stable was born
to live a life of truth, without sin-to this end we must aspire ever,
even though we are weak and commit human negative endeavour.

In those dark days beforehand, much self doubt and mental pain
 endured-the prophecy of the scriptures, our redemption to gain.
`Rejoice-Jesus Lives`-He returns, the passion`, annually, us to remind,
of hope, conquering every mortal transgression and ultimately to find
that all is not lost, His message is, as ever, still transparently clear,
love your fellow beings, treasure our world, hold these always dear.

Jennifer Kersey.