Jennifer Kersey

`Mother`(gay icon!)

Mother-the up to date story?
Mother, once a `gay` icon at the very pinnacle of her scene,
Now lies, like Titanic, on her bottom- yesterday’s `Queen`,
she’s seen it all, and in her time, mincing here and there, done much.
(even berated lesbians, with her wicked mouth-who are far too `butch`)
The smooth features sadly now replaced by pimples and warts,
these days lounge lizards are all the bounders she thwarts!
Her dress is OK -if you really do like that type of thing,
(she was the one, `daan in taan` who invented bling!)
When this model was launched, far away, the pattern they threw,
`twas distance not direction that counted- only one `mother anew`,
such opulence, such finery-despite expense, no detail overlooked,
but see her now and she’s like a dog’s dinner-long over cooked!
This once proud Dame-light on her feet, at balls, she did `twinkle`
has got a face full of passion-you can see it in ev`ry wrinkle?!
So just wot can be done to fix this doddery, aged `super star`,
creams maybe-plastic surgeons arrive to speculate, from afar,
the `writing is on the wall`-I think the time has now come
instead of waving her legs skyward -to just SIT on her bum-
with pipe and slippers she’ll make a scene no-one knows-
no longer will she be out on her bike scaring the crows!
We miss her happy chant, `”next please” and colourful attire,
unfortunately this `bird` ,even in auction, cannot find a buyer,
but, happily, she’ll be in our midst for a little bit longer,
even though those ancient bones can no longer conga!

Amen (and Awomen!)