Lawrence S. Pertillar


As difficult as this may be.
Not to scream or shout out,
The love we make made...
Done to do it,
Heating to wet...
Left soakened sheets.

Leaving the neighbors,
Believing to think...
Day and night all we do,
Is scream and shout at each other.

To then call,
And have the police to come.
Making claims,
We are disturbing 'their' peace.
How ridiculous can that be.

Although the police,
With guns drawn demand...
The door be opened.
To discover you looking
As if physically abused.
And I explaining,
Bleeding scratches on my chest.
Were your way of expressing love.
To have them disbelieve...
We were quietly having sex!

From morning...
Until after midnight?
Are you okay?
Has this beast touched you...

But our nosey neighbors exaggerate.
You see...
Never before noon,
Had either one of us...
Been in the mood,
To experiment with new positions!'

'Too much information, ma'am.
Are you sure you are okay?
You look as if...
You have been brutally attacked.
And tossed about.'

'I know.
That's what we do.
To love it too!'

At least,
Keep your bedroom windows closed!'

'There are none in the basement.
And the neighbors by now,
Should know that.
They knew we were making,
You can't stop people,
From being nosey.
When minding your own business!'

'Huh? What?'

'There are no windows,
In the basement.
We recently had the walls,
They know that.
It's not like we are outside,
Playing music loud enough...
The entire neighborhood,
Can hear it!'

'Use tape! Adhesive tape!'

'For what?'

'To cover your mouths!