Noleen A Finch

Does It Matter?

Published author of the novel A Fight for Innocence, I've also been published in quite a few anthologies. I was raised with 10 other siblings, in a loving home, and I am now a Mom; and, grandma and great-grandma.

Does it matter what color is his face,
if it doesn't matter if he's small?
Does matter then what is his race,
if it doesn't matter if he's tall?
Didn't God say to love fellow man,
didn't he say to be kind?
This is one thing I don't understand;
and keeps running through my mind.
Does it matter if he talks different,
if what he says is kind and true?
Didn't Jesus say in a testament,
"Love one another as I have loved you"?
And how do we know what color is God?
He's described different every day.
So does it matter what color you are,
as long as you live life the right way?

By Noleen (Ohmer) Finch, 1969