Evans E Bradley

Needs & Wants!

Once you reach a certain age time becomes more of a factor in one's life, that's when you look back and then begin to write, your life experiences are the poems that express the most precious moments of your Life, they allow you to share with others your Joy and your Delights!

Needs are the necessities of things that help us to survive,
Wants are our wishes for that, which our heart's desires,
I need to have love in my life to keep me going my way,
I want happiness in my life each and every day,
Needs do not always give you the fullness of what you seek,
Wants will only sustain you for the moment or a week,
Needs will not necessarily make you feel upbeat,
Wants on the other hand will fight off that feeling of defeat,
Remember that Needs are for the long term beginning to end,
Wants are for when you are weakened and need a fill-in.

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