Evans E Bradley

Smothered Love!

Once you reach a certain age time becomes more of a factor in one's life, that's when you look back and then begin to write, your life experiences are the poems that express the most precious moments of your Life, they allow you to share with others your Joy and your Delights!

Smothered Love is nothing new,
It's much older than me or you
Its nothing more than Love complete,
Something two people have when first they meet,
As time goes on the closer they get,
One usually grows astray and tires of it,
Without the courage to really say what is in one's heart,
The weaker one will react rather stupid surely not smart,
For the strong one is the one who holds true to cause,
While the weak one seeking an out without any pause,
This is a lesson, from which we all can see,
You should never give too freely of yourself to thee,
For two to be one is a lover's true wish,
They must be willing to add all the ingredients into the dish,
Once cooked don't rush, give it time to warm a little while,
It's ready when you can look into the other's eyes and smile.
For only if the final results are true,
Can you expect to have Smothered Love for Two?

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