Jeffrey Lynn Naylor

Valley of Truth

Retired Professor of Literary Criticism, Philosophy, and Religion. Father of 6, grandfather of 6. A lover of all life has to offer. I have traveled the world, lived and worked among many cultures discovering that all people are essentially bound by a common thread.

There is a valley of heartfelt truth where sometimes we walk.
Entranced by nature’s lush, green carpets, we begin to talk,
And our hearts beat with the rhythm of love’s embrace.
We come to a brook and within its space we see one face,
‘Tis the face of patience only unfeigned truth can release.
In the valley, we walk undesigning in pure love’s increase.
A future for us beyond the valley’s verdant slope gently waits,
For a time when the waters of truth no longer its power abates,
But endears our bond to the valley and brook of truth.
Give us time to build our lives in this garden so sooth.
A heartfelt place where we will walk in hope without our fears,
An honest place where we talk and fill the valley with our tears.
In the valley of truth we’ll find our dreams of castles in the skies,
Bound in truth so strong and pure. Love is the sum of all our tries.