Jeffrey Lynn Naylor

bridge of promise

Retired Professor of Literary Criticism, Philosophy, and Religion. Father of 6, grandfather of 6. A lover of all life has to offer. I have traveled the world, lived and worked among many cultures discovering that all people are essentially bound by a common thread.

the fortune of love is a journey
that begins by crossing the bridge of promise.
we walk it steadily looking for open hearts
and open minds that draw us to them without
reason or purpose of design, but merely
meld toward each other because of the undefined
destiny that is the engine of our desires. sometimes
we disappear into the crowds to enjoy the seclusion
of our own personal romance, only to realize that
our journey is yet incomplete. we are not finished
until our hearts are like the earth’s soggy soil;
love rich for the seeds of unity that will make
our passage into the surreality of love a triumph
of persistence and of how quickly we stepped in
that very first moment when we moved across the
bridge of promise seeking love, yet finding life!