Jeffrey Lynn Naylor

She, The Dream in My Sleep

Retired Professor of Literary Criticism, Philosophy, and Religion. Father of 6, grandfather of 6. A lover of all life has to offer. I have traveled the world, lived and worked among many cultures discovering that all people are essentially bound by a common thread.

i feel discovered when we talk. . .
you are the dream in my sleep
you are the air i want to breathe.
now my heart pumps blood so fast
like liquid fire through my body.
when now i speak to you. . .
i feel you are born inside my heart.
my lovely, how we can ask someone
to give us blessing that our love will last?
what holy thing shall we do?
burn a candle?
whisper to God in heaven?
what? i want to know.
the longer we talk in motionless time
the more my heart slowly burns within me.
love is the needle piercing our hearts,
threading us bound as one and the same.
my only link to love and understanding
is the passion erupting in my veins,
for a girl i once thought only a dream.