Evans E Bradley

The Affair!

Once you reach a certain age time becomes more of a factor in one's life, that's when you look back and then begin to write, your life experiences are the poems that express the most precious moments of your Life, they allow you to share with others your Joy and your Delights!

What is the real purpose of having an Affair,
When you are married and it's known everywhere,
The power of the Affair can do damage beyond belief,
But it can also bring about a lot of emotional relief,
What drives us to seek out passions of the heart,
When the average person would say you are not too smart,
I went down this path a few times when I was in need,
It was good for the moment but became hard to succeed,
For someone gets hurt no matter how hard you try to sustain,
Usually one in the relationship feels joy the other the pain,
Is an Affair worth risking the family life you have,
Some would say yes because of the self-serving cure it has,
An Affair is what one does when things are not right at home,
And they don't want to leave just go out have fun and roam,
The problem there's a price to pay if the Affair is discovered,
The choice is do you stay at home or go off with your lover,
Yes the pain of an Affair is truly great in every single way,
But now I understand why my Father choose to play,
There is no way to justify an Affair or what we do in life,
Just do your best to be good to all and leave it up to Christ.

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